Northwest flavors

Northwest flavors

Promise, Oregon for most people is completely unknown. It is an old homestead in Wollowa County, in the very corner of Northeastern Oregon close to the Washington and Idaho border. The landscape is beautiful beyond belief. Promise Oregon is now only populated by a small handful of the descendants  of those who occupied promise in the 1900’s. They hold a reunion once a year. There is very little history written about Promise Oregon, most of it is passed down through family members. My 3rd great-grandfather was on of the original founders of the settlement of Promise Oregon. He made the trip from West Virginia at least twice. One in which he told his family in West Virginia that it was a land of promise, that is how the area got its name. Once the Promise area was cleared (all by hand) of the mass of pine trees that covered the land they began to plant fruit trees and establish some level of farming. There are stories of some of the family members bringing apple cider vinegar in to the town of Wallowa to sell as my grandfather who would bring fire wood in to town to sell.

The fruit trees established themselves very well, they had every fruit tree that is known to the Northwestern United States. Quite an accomplishment for people who were told that nothing could ever grow out there. Promise Oregon is a Quiet beautiful little valley that sometimes seems that has been forgotten. I can never forget the History of my Ancestors and how hard they worked just to make ends meet and yet they always did.


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